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you ever play that trick on someone?  it took me a little while to figure it out when my older sister tried it on me when we were younger.  she explained the rules, i agreed and somehow i just kept losing.  very sneaky sis.

have you ever felt like you were so right about something only to find out later how wrong you were?  like you would fight to the death your “right-ness” cause you were that positive that you couldn’t be wrong.  i haven’t had too many of those moments, but when i have, they usually turn out to be pretty embarrassing for me.

what makes a person think that he or she is so certain that they are correct?  it usually turns out that that person is wrong and looks more like a fool for being so sure.  i realize that when i get into those situations i fight the urge to say, “maybe you’re right, i just thought…”  this could have ended the argument early.  but usually i ignore the voice telling me to concede and instead say, “no, you’re wrong!  i’m SURE it’s…”  it doesn’t take much to just calm down and think through things sometimes, and yet it’s so hard to do.

and what do we do when we’re on the other side?  when the other person is so sure they’re right when we know for a fact that they’re wrong?  i usually go for the “wait til they figure it out and rub it in their face” technique.  but there has to be a better way.  right?

i guess sometimes we get so blinded by our ignorance that it’s hard to see the other side or even the possibility that we might be wrong.  as soon as i’m fired up and that doubt creeps in, no matter how correct it sounds, i’ll fight it off until i make my point.  it’s then that i feel like a fool.  i think it helps to just calm down and try to see the other side before coming to the conclusion that you’re right and everyone else is wrong.


Written by enoch

June 1, 2010 at 2:41 pm

Posted in from my mind

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