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those are my basic essentials.  i remember when i was in high school, whenever i received money from my parents or from working or from pennies i found on the floor, i would spend them on new music.  when my parents gave me money to buy clothes or food, i would save it up and buy new cd’s.  maybe that’s why, to this day, i never buy new clothes.

music is like my drug.  i’m addicted.  i always need more.  i always need my music fix.  i have this theory that if no one in history came up with the concept of banging on stuff or creating tones from his or her voice to make music, i would’ve been the one to create “music”.

while i used to save my money to buy new music, lately, i’ve replaced new cd’s and mp3’s with new instruments.  when i am absolutely desperate for new music, i’ll buy a new instrument.  i’ve had a season for each of the instruments i play.  one of the questions i get a lot is: “hey enoch, how many instruments do you play?”  well my friends, here you are.  in order:

1. piano (10 years)

2. clarinet (2 years)

3. guitar (12 years and counting)

4. bass (7 years and counting)

5. cajon box drum (<1 year)

and now… my next instrument to master: the drums.

drums have always been my first love.  the first time i’ve ever heard a snare hit, i was in love.  i think for a lot of guys, the drums are the instrument that they’ve always wanted to play.  it’s just so cool.  there’s just something about a drum beat that makes you just want to dance and you know it.

i haven’t bought a drum set… yet.  maybe someday.  this will take care of my music fix for now.  ahhhh…. sweet relief


Written by enoch

July 26, 2010 at 9:45 pm

Posted in from my mind

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  1. hey!! i totally thought of [lately, i’ve replaced new cd’s and mp3′s with new instruments] last night when we talked on the phone!!!!
    when you told me that you wanted to get your next “instrument to buy”, i thought, i think enoch saves money and when he finds an instrument to buy, he jumps on it. yeah, i don’t see you buy anything BUT musical instruments and cooking “instruments”.


    July 27, 2010 at 9:14 am

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