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i wonder…

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– if gas/movie theater prices will ever go back to the price they were when i was younger.

– at what point in my life will i reach the point of the “when i grow up” i used to say when i was a kid.

– if i’ll be one of those guys whose hair falls out before they reach 40.

– if i cause more stress than i relieve.

– if other people view me the way i view myself.

– where i’ll be in the next year.

– why people aren’t more considerate.

– when flying cars will exist.

– how much longer natural resources will exist in the world.

– how much longer my macbook will last, seeing as i need a new logic board.

– why it takes me so long to decide on what cereal to eat this week.

– WHERE ALL MY MONEY GOES! (possibly related to #1)

– if i can make it as an artist.

– what makes people fear random things.

– what God is excited about for me.


Written by enoch

August 8, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Posted in from my mind

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