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my first love always has and always will be basketball.  when i was 5 years old, me and my best friend’s dream was to be in the nba.  i remember when i got my first basketball, i carried it everywhere.  i didn’t have anywhere to play, i would just dribble it up and down my driveway and shoot it against the side of the house.  i remember when my dad bought me my first basketball goal.  our driveway is anything but flat and we installed it at an awkward angle so there was only one spot you could shoot it from that was a straight shot.  i would spend hours outside shooting hoops by myself.  i grew up watching the charlotte hornets, back in the days with j.r. reid, larry johnson, muggsy bogues, dell curry, alonzo mourning (young alonzo mourning).  i just loooved basketball.

we would play basketball at church when i was in middle/high school.  even though i sucked, i still played cause i loved it.

the last time i played basketball was in college.  we would play basketball at church and even though i still hadn’t gotten any better since high school, i played because i loved it.  however, i stopped playing since college.  a lot of people don’t know why.  why a talented basketball player like myself would stop playing the sport he is so obviously awesome at.  there’s the reason that i tell people (which is true), but there’s also the reason that no one knows about.  i’ll tell you both.

the reason i tell people is that the last couple times i’ve played in college, my shoulder popped out of its socket.  it’s pretty painful and i couldn’t take it happening every time i played so i stopped.

no on to the deeper reason: i don’t like the way people get when they play.  myself included.  i hated the fact that people, my own brothers in the faith, would get so angry at me or other people who weren’t very good but just wanted to play because their team didn’t win or didn’t make a good play.  i hated that i would get so mad at myself for missing a shot, playing poor defense, making a bad pass, mishandling the ball, etc.  i couldn’t take it anymore, so i stopped playing.

encouraging words carry a lot of weight.  i think a little encouragement goes a long way.  on the contrary, a little discouragement can crush someone’s spirit.  i think it sucks that in order to play a sport, you have to already be good at it.  there’s very little patience for people who aren’t good or don’t know how to play.  i find it very discouraging that sports that i’ve played with people have a dearth of encouragement when i think that’s one of the places it’s needed most.

i don’t know whether or not i’m good at basketball at the moment.  i’d like to think that all the years i’ve spent watching basketball since i’ve last played have somehow made me a better basketball player.


Written by enoch

September 19, 2010 at 12:03 am

Posted in from my mind

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  1. Great post enoch. It’s really true. Encouraging words make the game a lot more fun. Discouraging words, a sneer, shaking of the head…makes you fearful the next time you shoot…or you hope that you don’t mess up constantly. I also need to be more mindful of what I say and do, on and off the court.


    September 19, 2010 at 9:52 am

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