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having the horrible memory that i have, i need all the reminders i can get.  sometimes i get an idea for a blog entry when i’m not around my computer.  as confident that i feel that i will remember such an awesome idea until the next time i open my laptop, i usually can’t remember after 5 minutes, if that.  what i’ve started to do was type them out on my phone or ipod or hand or whatever i can find nearby to somehow hold on to that thought long enough for me to remember how awesome my idea is.

the problem is… i am SO forgetful that no matter how many notes i write to myself, they mean nothing to me when i look at them later on.  “popcorn”?  what am i supposed to do with that?  what was i thinking?  did i really believe the word “popcorn” would trigger my memory?  then i end up deleting it from my phone, only to start the whole stupid process over again.

i have now evolved to write a MORE detailed reminder to myself.  something, no, ANYTHING to help trigger my memory to the awesome idea i had when i came up with the thought.  “popcorn gets stuck in my teeth,” now there’s something that might help me.

but the problem is… i am SO forgetful, no amount of detail will help me remember what my idea was.  i usually end up with a string of nonsensical words and typos that don’t mean a thing to me.  popcorn gets stuck in my teeth, ok, so what?  am i supposed to blog about that?  seems kinda stupid to me.  no one will read that.

i could use a new brain.  one that remembers stuff.  the past couple days have been filled with people who have told me stories of past instances when i did something for them or was present at some important event in their lives.  thing is, i don’t remember.  i don’t remember when i went shopping with you and you bought your first pair of chacos.  i don’t remember that time i saved you from a collapsing building.  it sounds like something i would do, but for all i know, all that stuff never happened.

i’ve told some of my friends that my brain is about 75% filled with song lyrics.  the rest is actually useful information.  oh how i’d love to not be able to sing as many songs in favor of remembering past memories and yes, blog topic reminders.


Written by enoch

September 20, 2010 at 9:44 pm

Posted in from my mind

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  1. hey, can you remind me to tell you something later?


    September 21, 2010 at 9:09 am

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