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so i’ve been learning how to play nba 2k11 (and getting really frustrated in the process).  something occurred to me while playing.  every single player has their own stats and skill level.  if you were a player, how sucky would it be if they made your player horrible?  slow, poor shooting percentage, poor rebounding, poor defense, etc.  i mean, you’d be pretty hurt right?  or maybe you know exactly where you stand in the nba.  maybe you know that you don’t make as many shots as say… ty lawson.  there’s something kinda cool about knowing exactly where you stand in your profession.

in a world where everyone sugar coats things and tells you, “you’re good!”  you can’t really tell where you stand compared to others.  in a lot of ways, it’s good.  however, sometimes you just want to know where you stand and how you can improve.

on a semi-related topic: i got so frustrated playing 2k11 that i had to go shoot some hoops to actually do some of the things i couldn’t make my players do.  i don’t think i’m good at sports games.


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October 29, 2010 at 5:58 pm

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i’ve ran after a 3-year old on one of these inflatable obstacle courses for a couple hours, it is HARD!!  probably because they weren’t made for 6’1″ asian man.

let me tell you about my week so far.

for those of you who don’t know, this week is my midterm week.  my main assignment was to turn in a 10-page paper by wednesday evening.  here are some things i’ve dealt with this week:

monday – my keyboard and trackpad stop working for several hours.  yeah, HOURS.  as soon as i was about to start typing my paper, my keyboard is unresponsive.  wow, really?!?!  don’t worry, it’s fixed now (obviously).  i powered my laptop down for a little while and when it turned it back on, it worked.

tuesday – i woke up feeling really sick.  feverish, stomach ache, stiff joints.  turns out, i had a stomach flu.  great.  my paper’s due in one day and i feel like crap.  fantastic.  i drag myself out of bed and force myself to start my paper at a coffee shop.  i felt horrible, but i managed to churn out 3 pages before feeling light-headed and fatigued.  btw, i planned on making a trip to alpharetta (about an hour drive north) to visit a friend wednesday early afternoon so i thought i needed to finish my paper by today because i wouldn’t have time to work on it on wednesday.  turns out, i could go later on wednesday.

wednesday (due day) – i wake up feeling MUCH better.  i finish my paper like a champ and as i’m proofreading, the power goes out for a second.  not a problem since i’m on a laptop.  however, my printer is unresponsive.  on top of that, my ipod no longer syncs with itunes!!  ok, so that one’s not really relevant, but it’s still adding to my list of grievances for the week.  it’s now about an hour before my due time and i must find a printer in the pouring rain.  i manage to find one and turn in my paper within the hour.

wow, it seemed like everything was against me turning this paper in.  i fought every obstacle and laughed in their faces.  “you cannot stop me from turning this paper in” i said to them.  “do your worst!”  and do their worst they did.  but one by one, i overcame and triumphed over each trial, each test of frustration.  and i came out victorious!!


for serious, i was freaking out.  i was wondering if i’d be able to turn in my paper on time.  in my meek voice i was saying, “please God, let nothing else happen so that i can finish this paper and be done with it.”

praise be to God who overcame these obstacles for me.  to Him be the glory forever.

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October 27, 2010 at 11:36 pm

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new blog?

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it’s midterm week, and you know what that means: procrastination!!

yes, instead of writing a paper, i am writing a blog post.

i had an idea for a new blog i’m thinking about starting.  it would be a blog about music and food.  mostly reviews along with my thoughts on various food and music related topics.  what do you think?

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October 25, 2010 at 9:33 pm

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to my weekend readers

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do people read my blog on the weekends?

just wondering.

i was debating whether or not to add a post (i guess i kinda did), but wasn’t sure if people would read it on the weekend.

on another note, it’s my midterm week!!  the closest thing to a break i’ll get this semester!!

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October 23, 2010 at 5:28 pm

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is anyone else worried about the superfluous use of throwbacks and retro fashion?  maybe you’re not, maybe you like them.  or maybe you’re wondering why an asian-american grad student is worried about throwbacks.  probably the latter more than the former.

let me explain.  what i’m worried about over the constant use of retro this and old school that is that we’re losing OUR originality of the present time.  what are people going to study about us in history when our grandkids are in school?  in the early 21st century, there was no original art, music, fashion because they just went back to old 70’s and 80’s stuff.  is the only thing they’re going to read about us that we didn’t have our own style?

that’s why i’m worried about throwbacks.  sure, they look cool and familiar to those who lived in those days, but are we losing our creativity?  are we losing our identity as a generation by falling back on what was popular a couple decades ago?  people might as well not study our generation in future history books cause there was nothing original about us except the fact that we were biters of styles before our time.

and i must admit, this is not one of my primary concerns.  i mean, i’m more worried about nuclear war, the rising cost of gas, the economy, what i ate for breakfast, etc… but it’s still a concern i have for my generation.

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October 22, 2010 at 1:26 pm

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nobody’s perfect

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i am convinced that every person is talented in at least one thing.  if you search hard enough, you have talents to do something really well.  but do you have those friends that are good at more than one thing?  like… a lot of things?

i wrote a couple posts on this previously: sports vs. music, i suck, and are you watching?

all with similar themes.  i guess my mind keeps coming back to this: it’s not fair that some people are so freaking gifted.  i mean, usually it’s music or sports, not both.  but then you have those friends who are crazy athletic and crazy musically talented.  i mean, save some talent for the rest of us!

i remember back in high school i had this friend who knew just about everything about everything.  it didn’t matter what topic the conversation was on – base jumping, how cereals are made, make-up, etc. he knew about it and could talk with anyone about it.  i was always amazed cause when a topic comes up in conversation that i don’t know much about, i’m pretty silent.  not to mention he was very athletic.

obviously i’m jealous.  i grew up believing that nobody’s perfect, but turns out, there’s a bunch of (superficially) perfect people out there.  people who have “the whole package.”  or what we in our society would deem “the whole package.”  and i’m sure if you asked them, they would deny that they were good at everything even though you know they are.

i wonder if people think that of me and i just deny it too.  hmmmm…

and now for your viewing pleasure: mr. perfect

if you don’t know this reference, he used to be a wwf wrestler i grew up watching.  he went by the name of mr. perfect.  although i’m pretty sure he lost some matches.  go figure.

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October 21, 2010 at 10:31 am

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chicks dig scars

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i had this thought as i was checking out my face in the mirror.  i have this one scar that i got when i was a baby.  my mom told me i got it from scratching myself.  it’s this one kind of indentation on my right cheek right underneath my eye.  i’ve had it for as long as i can remember.

i have another scar on my leg i got from hiking in the woods.  there was a thorny plant that hooked onto my leg and it remains to this day.

i have this faint scar on my arm.  i have no idea where it came from, but it’s pretty long.  i’m guessing it’s from one of my violent sleep episodes.  it’s from my bicep to the middle of my forearm.

what am i getting at here?

scars don’t affect peoples’ personalities.  i have all these scars, but i’m still the same person.  it’s not like i wake up everyday and say, oh yeah, i have a scar on my face, i must act accordingly.  however, for myself, i know that i judge other people by their scars, by things that don’t affect their personality.

sometimes i’m embarrassed by my scars, as if they told the world everything about me.  and maybe people do read into my scars (i’m a crazy sleeper, my mom obviously never stopped me from scratching my face as a kid, i’m a horrible hiker, etc.), but that doesn’t mean that my personality is affected by my scars.  and i admit, i tend to do that with other people.  i judge them based on criteria that they cannot help, that has nothing to do with their personality, just by their looks.  and the thing is, we all have scars.  we can’t just judge others without thinking that we’re not being judged ourselves.

maybe we just all need some neosporin, or maybe we can start understanding one another before we judge them based on their appearances.

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October 19, 2010 at 5:37 pm

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