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have you ever been driving down the road or working out at the gym and just notice that some people run abnormally?  i mean, there’s some people you see and you’re like, that’s normal.  and then there’s other people where you’re like… uhhh… is it even possible to run like that?  you need some lessons.

here’s what i’ve observed:

normal: you run straight.  your momentum pushes you forward.  arms are bent at the elbows around 90 degrees.  you got a nice up and down motion from the bounce of each step.  each left footstep is right in front of the other, each right footstep is right in front of the other.  nothing to make fun of.  you’re safe.

crazy arms: your arms might be bent, but they’re not for long.  who knows where your arms are going to go next?  it’s as if your arms are moving independent from your body.  each step causes your arms to move in a different direction and you don’t seem to care nor have control of it.  i swear i saw a girl at the gym today that looked like she was doing the carlton dance with each step.  if you don’t know carlton:

waddler: your feet do not go one in front of the other.  you have more of a swaying motion than a forward momentum motion.  i saw this guy on the road today that seemed to be running more sideways than he was running forward.  seemed like a lot of energy wasted to me.  plus he looked a little funny.

get me some help, please!: now i don’t mean to make fun of old people, but some old people just run funny.  i think i’m more in awe of them because they’re still in shape when they’re older, and maybe cause they’re older they have no shame in how they run.  this one is more for the old people.  these are the people who look like they’re about to pass out when they run.  their arms are way down low and it looks like they don’t have the energy to bring them up.  each step is barely in front of the next.  it just looks like they’re willing themselves to get to their destination, and bless their hearts, they’re going to make it.  these are the people i just want to pull up next to and say, “hey, i’ll give you a ride.”  cause i feel so sorry for them it looks like they’re in pain.  you go, old people.  mad respect, please don’t collapse on the road.

turkey neck: i saw this lady on the elliptical machine one time and her neck was getting a major workout.  with each cycle, her neck would bob back and forth.  i was a little concerned cause i thought maybe i wasn’t doing it right and that’s how i should be looking.  but no, no one else was doing that.  just her.  i wondered if she was doing it on purpose or the cyclical motion just made her do the quagmire giggity neck thing.  in case you don’t know quagmire (not sure if it’s NSFW, you can take your chances if you want):

what kind of runner are you?


Written by enoch

October 1, 2010 at 10:50 am

Posted in social observation

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  1. 100% waddlerr!^__^


    October 1, 2010 at 7:36 pm

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