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i am convinced that every person is talented in at least one thing.  if you search hard enough, you have talents to do something really well.  but do you have those friends that are good at more than one thing?  like… a lot of things?

i wrote a couple posts on this previously: sports vs. music, i suck, and are you watching?

all with similar themes.  i guess my mind keeps coming back to this: it’s not fair that some people are so freaking gifted.  i mean, usually it’s music or sports, not both.  but then you have those friends who are crazy athletic and crazy musically talented.  i mean, save some talent for the rest of us!

i remember back in high school i had this friend who knew just about everything about everything.  it didn’t matter what topic the conversation was on – base jumping, how cereals are made, make-up, etc. he knew about it and could talk with anyone about it.  i was always amazed cause when a topic comes up in conversation that i don’t know much about, i’m pretty silent.  not to mention he was very athletic.

obviously i’m jealous.  i grew up believing that nobody’s perfect, but turns out, there’s a bunch of (superficially) perfect people out there.  people who have “the whole package.”  or what we in our society would deem “the whole package.”  and i’m sure if you asked them, they would deny that they were good at everything even though you know they are.

i wonder if people think that of me and i just deny it too.  hmmmm…

and now for your viewing pleasure: mr. perfect

if you don’t know this reference, he used to be a wwf wrestler i grew up watching.  he went by the name of mr. perfect.  although i’m pretty sure he lost some matches.  go figure.


Written by enoch

October 21, 2010 at 10:31 am

Posted in social observation

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  1. No, we do exist!
    Heeji knows!

    (sorry, slow day at work. thanks for the blogs to make this a more interesting day ^^)


    October 21, 2010 at 11:41 am

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