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new music review: flags – brooke fraser

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here it is, my first music review in blog form.  the first review will be for brooke fraser’s more recent release: flags.

flags was released less than a month ago on october 12.  being a huge brooke fraser fan, i downloaded it from itunes pretty soon after that.  i listened to it first from one of my friends and then decided that it was download worthy.

if you don’t know brooke fraser, she’s the voice behind praise songs like hosanna and lead me to the cross (hillsong).  gorgeous voice.  if you still don’t know brooke fraser and/or don’t do praise songs at your church, keep reading.  although she is a christian artist, her songs aren’t blatantly christian.  some christians see that as selling out, others see it as being real.  either way, you can’t deny she’s a great songwriter.

her music won’t get you amped, they’re mostly medium to slow-tempoed songs.  musically, the songs are fairly simple.  the instruments won’t wow you, the voices drive the songs.  her soft, smooth voice is almost hypnotizing.  her duet with aqualung on “who are we fooling” is eerily captivating.  it almost sounds like something from the “once” soundtrack with glen hansard and marketa irglova.  needless to say, this is my favorite song on the album which amazes me because there are no drums.  i always thought i loved complex instrumentation in music.  just a piano and some strings is all i needed to be wowed in this song.

the album starts off with a more upbeat “something in the water”.  honestly, this song makes me a little uncomfortable because it reminds me of the crash test dummies song, “mmm mmm mmm mmm“.  kinda freaks me out.  otherwise i think it’d be a great song.

but brooke fraser switches it up musically as well with a caribbean influenced song, “jack kerouac”.  it’s a fun, playful song with a catchy tag.  her songs are generallly not going to be that catchy.  that’s just how she is.  her lyrics tend to not fit within the bars cleanly.  she’ll add some extra syllables or a couple extra notes to the melody.  her music doesn’t really follow a pattern throughout each song.  she wants you to listen to the words rather than the melody.

myself, i prefer her last album, albertine.  if you’re familiar with albertine, flags is a very different album.  there are still many brooke fraser-isms in flags, but overall, i’d say if you really liked albertine, you might not be as attached to flags.  albertine contained my favorite brooke fraser songs of all time: “c.s. lewis song” and “faithful”.

you can purchase flags from itunes for 9.99 for the regular version and 11.99 for the deluxe which comes with a bonus track and a music video.  or you can download it from amazon for 7.99.  also, if you’re in the atlanta area, she’ll be in concert at the variety playhouse on nov. 15 if tickets aren’t sold out by now.


Written by enoch

November 8, 2010 at 4:48 pm

Posted in music review

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  1. yay music review!! i love her style. her songs made me pay attention to the piano in the background (since those songs were quiet) and that’s why my keyboard is out. her tix aren’t sold out yet.


    November 8, 2010 at 5:08 pm

  2. Watching-

    you know whats worse than wasting hours playing video games? watching your roommate play and wishing that you were the one privileged enough to waste time in that manner….
    for more such hilarious, and witty observations on life come to the sourhippo blog


    November 10, 2010 at 10:11 pm

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