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…ninja and ninjer.

ahahaha!!  i know this is old news, but that last scene cracks me up everytime.

so i had this moment that reminded me of that last scene.  my girlfriend and i were eating dinner at this indian/pakistani place.  i ordered a bunch of food and rice of course and waited to receive said deliciousness.  the server comes and brings our food and says,

“ooh, i just realized…”

me: (thinking he forgot one of our dishes)

server: …you ordered plain rice.

me: yeah?

server: but you didn’t order any curry.

me: (confused) yeah.  i’m sorry, was i supposed to?

server: no no, i was just wondering what you were going to eat the rice with.

me: don’t worry, we’re asian.  we always find something to eat it with.

server: me too.

what was funny was that my girlfriend and i ordered a couple chicken dishes.  i realized that for us koreans (and most east asians), all we need is rice and some kind of meat or side dish and we’re set.  for my indian friend, rice goes with curry.  i think our chicken dishes were supposed to be eaten with naan (a flat bread-y type dish).  for him, something was missing in our meal.  for us, we had everything we needed.  i thought: meat – check, rice – check.  alright, good to go.  for him he though: meat – check, naan – check, rice – check, curry – OH NO!!!!  abort dinner!!  abort dinner!!!  they MUST be warned!!

to conclude the story, we destroyed our basmati rice using only our chicken.  go ninjas!!


Written by enoch

November 15, 2010 at 2:40 pm

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  1. i wonder what my doppelganger would say if you showed him that vid :mrgreen:


    November 15, 2010 at 7:21 pm

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