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take for granite

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we take a lot of things for granted.  for me, it’s taken me a pretty substantial hit to realize there’s a lot of things i take for granted.  and i’ll be purposefully ambiguous here.

it’s really easy to just think that things will always be there.  friends, abilities, opportunities, etc.  but the truth is, they won’t always be there.  and that’s not dissing your friends or anything.  i’m sure whoever you are, you have great friends.  but just sometimes, they’re not going to be there for you.  i mean, they can’t always be there for you, right?

it’s pretty important to appreciate what you got.  even the simple things.  that’s all i’m tryin’ to say.


Written by enoch

March 28, 2011 at 9:26 pm

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new game, new rules

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i played racquetball for the first time today.  it’s really fun.  what i’ve heard from other people is that you have to throw everything that you know about tennis away.

kind of true.  tennis is a much simpler game.  you just aim for a spot and hit it there, and when it comes back, you hit it back.

not so with racquetball.  if you aim for a spot, you gotta factor in the bounce, the 6 sides of the room, angle, relative velocity (when you’re running in the same direction the ball is traveling), force, spin, avoid getting hit by the ball, avoiding the other person in the room with you, and much more.  such a crazy sport.  i thought, shoot, i see old people doing this all the time, i can do this no problem.

i think i got tennis elbow from playing racquetball.  i’ve never had tennis elbow before after playing tennis for over 10 years and i get it from playing one game of racquetball.  curse you…

p.s. because the racquet is much shorter than a tennis racquet, i look like a fool whiffing the ball expecting my super short racquet to reach it.

Written by enoch

March 16, 2011 at 5:38 pm

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music embarrassment

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you know that scene in the opening sequence of office space where the white software engineer is driving in his car in traffic with the windows down rapping along with a song?  he’s at a stop while a black dude walks by his car and he slyly turns down the volume to his previously cranked up song and locks the door until the guy passes his car and then he turns the music back up.  i know people can relate to this.

what i’ve realized though, is that different environments make me feel embarrassed of different types of music.  for instance:

i’ve realized that in a more black area, i feel embarrassed when i’m blasting hip hop, rap, or r&b.

in a more white, suburban area, i feel embarrassed when i’m blasting country (yeah, i just downloaded the new lady antebellum album).

i feel most comfortable and at ease when i’m blasting acoustic stuff (john mayer, matt wertz, jason mraz, j. mclaughlin, etc.).

it’s such a weird phenomenon.  i wonder if it’s because i know more about the acoustic artists and can identify with them more than hip hop or country artists.  or maybe i’m just ashamed of listening to music that i don’t fit the stereotype for.  for example it’d be like a grown man who likes to listen to taylor swift or miley cyrus.  imagine riding in a car with this man, a miley cyrus song comes on and he quickly presses next on his ipod.

you feel me?  i mean, i listen to just about everything and feel comfortable admitting that.  maybe it’s because when that one song comes up that i don’t want to “define” who i listen to, i don’t want people who may hear it on the outside of the car to think that that’s what i listen to.

what do you think?

Written by enoch

March 4, 2011 at 12:44 pm

next step gps

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while driving with my trusty co-pilot (gps) the other day, i came to realization.  gps has no idea what the feel of a geographical area is.  for instance, gps has no idea if it’s taking you through a shady part of town.  it’s just there to find the shortest route possible.

i could see this as both a good and bad thing:

good: gps don’t discriminate yo.  every road’s the same to it.  it’s not going to take you through the nice ritzy part of town to shave a couple minutes off your morning commute.  there’s something respectable about that.

bad: you might get carjacked.  ironically, it might be the gps that catches a burglar’s eye to cause them to target your car.  sometimes, you really do need to avoid the bad part of town.

what if gps had an option to avoid the “bad” parts of town?  my gps asks me if i want to avoid toll roads and carpool lanes.  would it be that difficult to add on another screen asking if you wanted to avoid the shady parts of our itinerary?

Written by enoch

March 2, 2011 at 3:34 pm

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