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you know that scene in the opening sequence of office space where the white software engineer is driving in his car in traffic with the windows down rapping along with a song?  he’s at a stop while a black dude walks by his car and he slyly turns down the volume to his previously cranked up song and locks the door until the guy passes his car and then he turns the music back up.  i know people can relate to this.

what i’ve realized though, is that different environments make me feel embarrassed of different types of music.  for instance:

i’ve realized that in a more black area, i feel embarrassed when i’m blasting hip hop, rap, or r&b.

in a more white, suburban area, i feel embarrassed when i’m blasting country (yeah, i just downloaded the new lady antebellum album).

i feel most comfortable and at ease when i’m blasting acoustic stuff (john mayer, matt wertz, jason mraz, j. mclaughlin, etc.).

it’s such a weird phenomenon.  i wonder if it’s because i know more about the acoustic artists and can identify with them more than hip hop or country artists.  or maybe i’m just ashamed of listening to music that i don’t fit the stereotype for.  for example it’d be like a grown man who likes to listen to taylor swift or miley cyrus.  imagine riding in a car with this man, a miley cyrus song comes on and he quickly presses next on his ipod.

you feel me?  i mean, i listen to just about everything and feel comfortable admitting that.  maybe it’s because when that one song comes up that i don’t want to “define” who i listen to, i don’t want people who may hear it on the outside of the car to think that that’s what i listen to.

what do you think?


Written by enoch

March 4, 2011 at 12:44 pm

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  1. I feel you. But I realized to be comfortable listening to any music in any environment. I was listening to electronica in a white neighborhood the other day. Dancing in the car felt awesome.

    dan park

    March 5, 2011 at 1:49 pm

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