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cereal killer

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i grew up on cereal.  every morning before school, my sister an i would eat a bowl of cereal.  i forgot if we each had our own box or if we shared.  i know i used to rotate between frosted flakes, apple jacks, and cinnamon toast crunch.  mmmm… delicious.  in my high school days, i started getting sick of cereal so i moved on to pop tarts, eggo waffles, toaster strudels (soooo good), breakfast sandwiches, bagels, etc.

so now that i’m older and more mature, i find myself going back to cereal – only more adult cereal… well, kinda.  my cereal choices today consist of granola cereals, honey bunches of oats (honey roasted is the way i go), and more kid-friendly cereals like reeses puffs (i was skeptical for a long time about this cereal, but it’s freaking awesome!!) and strawberry frosted miniwheats.  occasionally i’ll get sick of cereal and go for a bagel with hummus or granola bar and fruit.

my roommates, on the other hand, cannot get enough of cereal.  they go through gallons of milk in a couple days.  GALLONS!!  IN A COUPLE DAYS!!!  it takes me about 2 weeks to get through a gallon!!  i honestly don’t know how one can eat that much cereal.    shopping for them consists of a couple gallons of milk and a couple boxes of cereal.  one of my roommates cereal of choice: raisin bran crunch.  i tried it once.  it’s actually pretty good.  i’d recommend it.  definitely sweeter than regular raisin bran, and i think anything with clusters of oats makes it more delicious.

what cereal do you eat?  or if not, what do you eat for breakfast?


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April 29, 2011 at 11:36 am

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ever since i’ve read danpark’s blog entry, aka, i’ve been thinking of this topic for a while.

so if you haven’t been watching the nba finals this year, you’re missing out cause it’s been really exciting.  who knew the first round would have this much excitement?

anyways, so as i was watching the games of the first round, i was wondering about the nicknames of the nba – who has one, who doesn’t, who should, etc.  some are really cool, some i don’t care for.  i thought this would be really fun, but see if you can name the player associated with the nickname:

superman (there’s 2 with that nickname)

the big ticket

durantula (not my favorite one)

k-mart (prob my favorite one)

psycho t

king james


red rocket


agent zero

big baby – because he was a big freshman at lsu, the name just stuck

black mamba


big z

that’s all i can think of for now.  it seems like there should be a lot more.  for instance: blake griffin, d.wade, d.rose, amare, carmelo, tim duncan should all have nicknames i think.  plus, older nicknames were so much cooler than the ones they have today.  for instance:

the glove – because his defense is all over you

the dream

the jet



the admiral

the glide

dr. j

the doctor


don’t they just sound so much better?  we own our nicknames.  here are some i’ve had:


enocalypse – courtesy of toe-knee lee






chocochango – courtesy of eunj

liu chang – courtesy of spikeymikey back in elementary school (when mortal kombat reigned the schoolyard)



my name got so hard to share at restaurants where they call your name, i started making names up like tyrone, steve, etc.

how do nicknames come about?  here’s what i came up with:

middle name: a lot of people who fall into this category are women.  i never really understood this one.  you were given a first name, why go by your “second-choice” name?  you know those girls back in high school when they took the first roll of the school year.  the teacher would be like, mary cooper?  and she’d be like, “i go by elizabeth” and then the same thing would happen for about half the girls in class.

inside joke: this can sometimes be a name you really don’t want.  like you get lost using directions and people start calling you “gps” or you fart in front of a bunch of people and everyone starts call you “gas man”.  or they can be really cool, which leads me to my next category:

accomplishments: you get straight A’s and people call you “ace”, or you save someone from choking and people call you “life-saver”.  or, i dunno, you’re a really great musician and people start calling you “the boss”.

your name: this is where most nicknames fall.  a clever reworking of your name turns you into a cool nicknamed person.  unfortunately, most nicknames in the nba fall into this category nowadays.  there’s d.rose, d.wade, melo, and stupid ones like “durantula”.  now these didn’t take much thought, but there are some cool nicknames based on a person’s name.

or you can mix and match.  for instance “chocochango” is a mix of my name and an inside joke.

you got/heard of any cool nicknames?

i leave you with this clip of the “nard-dog” from the office:

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April 22, 2011 at 10:16 am

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cheesy commercials

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in the past month, i’ve been watching a lot of daytime tv.  there are a couple commercials that stand out to me because of how awful they are.  if you haven’t done so already, watch the previous 3 commercials.

1st commercial: why are the people yelling out their window?  who are they talking to?  is someone outside ready to give them their money now?  why does the black guy sound like samuel l. jackson?  why did they hire such bad actors for such a horrible concept? (maybe that answered itself).

2nd commercial: just makes me cringe.  people all fake singing and waaaaaay over-exaggerating their lipsyncing and movements.  makes me sick!  why is the guy taking a shower when obviously the basement has been flooding for a long time?  can the woman who had an accident with her two dogs (that look like sheep) really hear the mechanics in the shop when they suggest that she call j.g. wentworth?  same thing the with the couple in the hospital.  why are the babies singing?  and why did the one baby have the voice of j.g. wentworth?

3rd commercial: so hip right?  basketball, yeah, that’ll get the young people buying car insurance from us.  although i must admit, their video quality is surprisingly high.  is the general playing against the black man?  the black man looks worried when he’s guarding the general, but then he takes the ball and shoots it.  are they not playing against each other anymore?  how come the general can dunk but can’t hop more than an inch or so off the ground when he makes his hook shot?

so many questions!!

do you have any annoying commercials that just bother you?  i must say though, if i ever have a structured settlement or an annuity, the first thing i’ll think is j.g. wentworth.  or if i ever see a black man playing basketball, i’ll think the general.  too bad the nba play-offs just started…  i’ll be thinking of the general all month.

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April 17, 2011 at 11:14 am

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ain’t too proud to beg

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i don’t like asking for help.  i think it stems from how i was raised.  everything was done for me.  i wasn’t allowed to make mistakes.  so now, i’d rather fail miserably and know that i did it myself than to do something right the first time with someone doing it for me and not learning anything from it.

i think this is an admirable trait.  however, it can also cause my downfall sometimes.  sometimes you need help.  my stubbornness can get the best of me.  sometimes failing on my own is not beneficial for me.  sometimes, asking for help would help me grow more than doing things on my own.

i need to be able to ask for help sometimes, even at the cost of my pride.

are you able to ask for help?  or are you as stubborn as me?

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April 11, 2011 at 11:20 am

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music is 90% imitation

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in my experience, music is about 90% imitation.  you train yourself to sing better by trying to imitate professional singers.  you play guitar better by imitating and playing along with other guitarists.  when you try to create music, no matter how creative you think you’re being, you’re influenced by the artists you’ve listened to: you try to play in a style of an artist you like or you try to sing runs like mariah carey.  the notes might be different, but in your mind you’re trying to do something they would do.

for instance, what’s big nowadays are mash-ups.  nothing new, just combining two or more songs together.  but people love it and it’s “new”.  “creating” new music is putting new ideas to music that already exists (in my opinion).

it’s not a diss to say what you’re trying to create is 90% imitation.  that’s just the way it is… or, that’s my observation of music.  what do you think?

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April 8, 2011 at 10:30 am

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