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in the past month, i’ve been watching a lot of daytime tv.  there are a couple commercials that stand out to me because of how awful they are.  if you haven’t done so already, watch the previous 3 commercials.

1st commercial: why are the people yelling out their window?  who are they talking to?  is someone outside ready to give them their money now?  why does the black guy sound like samuel l. jackson?  why did they hire such bad actors for such a horrible concept? (maybe that answered itself).

2nd commercial: just makes me cringe.  people all fake singing and waaaaaay over-exaggerating their lipsyncing and movements.  makes me sick!  why is the guy taking a shower when obviously the basement has been flooding for a long time?  can the woman who had an accident with her two dogs (that look like sheep) really hear the mechanics in the shop when they suggest that she call j.g. wentworth?  same thing the with the couple in the hospital.  why are the babies singing?  and why did the one baby have the voice of j.g. wentworth?

3rd commercial: so hip right?  basketball, yeah, that’ll get the young people buying car insurance from us.  although i must admit, their video quality is surprisingly high.  is the general playing against the black man?  the black man looks worried when he’s guarding the general, but then he takes the ball and shoots it.  are they not playing against each other anymore?  how come the general can dunk but can’t hop more than an inch or so off the ground when he makes his hook shot?

so many questions!!

do you have any annoying commercials that just bother you?  i must say though, if i ever have a structured settlement or an annuity, the first thing i’ll think is j.g. wentworth.  or if i ever see a black man playing basketball, i’ll think the general.  too bad the nba play-offs just started…  i’ll be thinking of the general all month.


Written by enoch

April 17, 2011 at 11:14 am

Posted in from my mind

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