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music fiend

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like a monster’s insatiable appetite for human flesh is my appetite for new music.  here are some tips i have if you’re looking for new music:

– amazon has a free $2 credit for their mp3 store.  click here for the link.  it’s not much, but that’s 2 new songs you could be listening to, or $2 off an album.  and they have some good albums for $5.

– i’ve been listening a lot to owl city’s newest album: all things bright and beautiful.  it’s a lot like ocean eyes, but there’s a couple songs that cross over into the dance/hip hop genre.  one of my favorite tracks is alligator sky (album version) cause he features rapper shawn chrystopher which fits really nicely with the rest of the track.  kind of a paul oakenfold “starry eyed surprise” feel to it.  “the yacht club” features female vocalist lights.  yeah, that’s what she goes by.  personally i liked breanne duren better on her vocals on “saltwater room” on the debut album ocean eyes.  lights toured with owl city this past year and i definitely preferred breanne to her voice.  breanne does do vocals on “honey and the bee” on the all things album.

lasers by lupe fiasco is a great album.  seriously, i love every track which is very hard to find in a hip hop album.  every beat is catchy and his lyrics are smartly written.  you might not agree with him politically, but you can’t argue with great musicianship.  my favorite track is state run radio”.  check it out.  now.  do it.

– i wish amazon mp3 had a “complete my album” like itunes does.  or at least tracks your past purchases.  i think with the cloud player, it’s a little better cause before i would buy a track and because my internet wasn’t that great, it wouldn’t complete the download even though it charged my card.  i’d have to re-purchase the track.  i did contact them about it and they gave me a credit in the amount of my re-purchase.

– check out amazon every month for their $5 albums.  they usually have a lot of good, recent albums on sale.  shoot, i was even tempted to dl a bunch of taylor swift albums when they were on sale for $5.  i didn’t though…  nothing against her, i just don’t think i could handle that much taylor.

– did you know amazon and itunes both have a 0.69 section?  usually recent songs.  for instance, right now on itunes they have a one republic section featuring 5 or 6 songs.  i would recommend dl’ing “secrets” and/or “good life”.  both for 0.69.  itunes breaks their sections into 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, dance, country, christian, hip hop, rock, etc.

– old skool hip hop pick of the week: pharcyde’s runnin’ (philippians RMX).  classic with a updated remix beat.  love it.  dj choice, shout out to you, you know you love it!

– i’m hesitant to get classic songs like old 80’s songs or old mariah carey songs.  although i love the songs and would love to have them in my collection, i just don’t think i’d listen to them enough to justify buying them.  i mean, “always be my baby” and “we didn’t start the fire” are great songs, but if they came up in my playlist, i’d definitely skip them.

– do you have any music advice?


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June 29, 2011 at 5:48 pm

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fraud and other crimes

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– i’ve just been frauded.  i went to go pay for something with my check card and BAM! declined.  i thought, hmm… it’s an old card, maybe the old fella needs another chance.  BOOM!  denied again.  at this point i was confused.  my old reliable card was now just a worthless, shiny bookmark.  i called wachovia later and they told me that there had been some… abnormal activity on my card.  first i had to verify that it was truly me on the phone inquiring of my poor check card.  i got kind of nervous answering security questions about myself.  what if i didn’t know an answer… about myself?

anyways, they said there were some charges that seemed fraudulent and so they shut down my card.  after the lady told me about getting my new card and stuff, i asked her how they knew it was fraudulent.  she said that they monitor spending habits and trends to see if anything seems unusual.  i was amazed!  the charges weren’t that huge on my card.  i was wondering how they knew.  and what happens if someday i feel really spontaneous and buy… i dunno, a motorcycle or something.  would it stop me?  what an age we live in.

– i saw in the headlines that chris brown won 4 bet awards.  it made me wonder if personal character means anything in the music business.  i mean, as a musician and dancer, i love chris brown.  he’s super talented.  but as a person, there’s just so many things he needs to clean up in order to be in the spotlight in my opinion.  but if he puts out good music, people are still going to like him right?  i mean, it’s not like if you do something bad and come out with the best song ever, people aren’t going to listen to it.  such a shame though cause chris brown could be on top of the world right now if he wasn’t such a jerk in his personal life.

– the other day i had this urge to just drive as fast as i could on a local road.  take it easy, tame me didn’t let myself drive much faster than the speed limit.  i definitely drive much faster than the speed limit on the interstate, but still.  what a rush!!!

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June 27, 2011 at 5:06 pm

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i wouldn’t consider myself a risky guy.  i like to play it safe.  when risk is involved, i tend to shy away.  even when it’s a pretty moderate or tame risk.  the thing is, i know if i just force myself to get to the point where there’s no turning back, things are going to be ok.

the question is, how can i get myself to the point of no return?

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June 20, 2011 at 3:02 pm

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summer adventures

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so i was at rite-aid the other day getting a prescription filled and as i was waiting, there was this older woman getting her blood pressure checked.  upon closer inspection, it looked like she had fallen asleep while waiting for the machine to do its job.  about a minute or so later, the machine beeps letting her know that it was done, she looks over at me and says, “sir.  sir?  are you waiting on this machine?”  i tell her i’m not and then she gets up and walks over to me like she wants to say something.  Her hair is disheveled, she’s got lipstick all on her teeth (and i don’t usually notice this kind of thing so you know it was pretty bad).  She gets right up in my ear and whispers, “watch the amount of salt you eat when you’re younger or you’ll pay for it when you’re older.”

at this point i’m thinking, “ok, crazy lady, thanks for the health advice.”  she starts to walk away and then turns back to me and says, “they say diets high in salt is what’s killing everyone these days.”  i told her i agree that high sodium diets are the indirect cause of a lot of deaths in america.  and then she goes to the counter and says that she just tested her blood pressure and that she’s close to death.  they tell her she’s not and ask if she’s under medication.  and then she sits back down.

crazy lady.

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June 16, 2011 at 8:26 am

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can’t go back

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you know how sometimes you try something out and it completely changes your life?  and once you’ve tried that thing, you can’t go back to the older, less satisfying things?  for instance, maybe you’ve gone to a restaurant for years because they have the best X.  a friend introduces you to a new place that has better X that makes your restaurant’s X look like a pile of puke.  restaurant A then goes out of business because you solely visit restaurant B due to superior X.  that kind of thing.

here are some things that have messed up my life in such a way:

– $1 bowling: there is no way i will ever be able to pay 2.99 a game again.  brunswick lanes on spalding, you have ruined my bowling life.

– rain-x: if you’ve used rain-x, you know how awesome it is.  you also know how pathetic-ly poor regular wiper blades are when it comes to wicking away the rain from your windshield.  the difference is night and day.

– hdtv: have you ever tried going from an hdtv to an analog tube tv?  how did we ever watch tv like that?  i can’t even read words on those tv’s anymore.

– parents’ cooking: there are certain foods your parents just make the best of that no restaurant can touch.  for me, it’s naeng myun (cold korean beef noodle soup – i know it sounds weird, but it tastes a lot better than it sounds in english).  i can’t order naeng myun ANYWHERE.  trust me, i’ve tried, and each time i’m disappointed vowing never to order it again.  and then i do it anyways…

– charmin: no matter what, i will shell out the extra bucks or wait til charmin’s on sale to get it.  yes, charmin the toilet paper.  i’ve tried all the other tp’s and charmin’s the one that is true to its word – doesn’t leave pieces, soft and strong.  i’ve learned my lesson, i can’t go back to scott, cottonelle, angel soft, etc.  it’s over.

– kettle cooked chips: i just can’t eat regular potato chips after having tried kettle cooked.  i mean, they should just stop making regular lays, cause i’m not gonna buy them.  kettle cooked is where it’s at.

what are some things that have ruined your life so that you can’t go back to the old things?

Written by enoch

June 6, 2011 at 12:55 pm

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