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sweet tooth

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i have friends who have a crazy sweet tooth.  the funny thing is, a lot of them don’t seem to gain weight.  not fair.

me, i rarely get a sweet tooth, but when i do, i go crazy until i get something sweet.

ex. i’m currently hanging out at panera and had to get a toffee nut cookie.  i was going crazy.  seriously.  crazy.

however, it doesn’t take much to satisfy my sweet tooth.  just a couple spoonfuls of ice cream or a couple oreos and i’m set for about a month.  don’t get me wrong, i looooove cookies.  i just don’t crave them that often.  i’m talking go crazy craving.

i figure everyone loves cookies.  how could you not?  there’s so many varieties out there, there’s gotta be one that each person likes: crunchy, chewy, creme filled, shortbread, chocolate, double chocolate, chocolate fudge, made from scratch, break and bake, with nuts, with candy, deep fried, double stuffed, chunky, girl scout, etc.

here are my all time favorite cookies:

1. snickerdoodles – there’s just something about the cinnamony goodness and the funny sounding name that makes me feel good inside.  i just found out pepperidge farm started making soft baked snickerdoodles. must be chewy

2. sugar cookies – plain and simple.  MUST be chewy.  not a fan of crunchy sugar cookies.  pepperidge farm started making these soft baked too.  they’re actually really good.

3. white chocolate macadamia – must be chewy.  not a fan of milk or dark chocolate in my cookies (or in general).  white chocolate somehow does it for me in cookies.  and the macadamia nuts add the crunch that compliments my chewy cookie.

4. samoas – i never had samoas until i was almost done with college.  until then i thought thin mints were the greatest thing on earth.  wrong!  don’t let the coconuts scare you off, these things are legit.  i used to be so annoyed when girl scouts hounded me outside the grocery store trying to sell cookies.  “leave me alone little girls and your moms!” i’d say to them in my head.  now, i seek them out like a cookie hungry monster, or “cookie monster” if you will.  mmmm… samoas.  i might even put these higher on the list because of the limited time factor.  i seriously think they put crack in these cookies cause i could eat a whole box in one sitting.

5. ice cream sandwich – i’m not talkin’ the black rectangular shaped soft so called “cookie” with the vanilla ice cream inside.  i’m talking vanilla ice cream sandwiched between 2 real chocolate chip cookies.  maybe this doesn’t fit with the rest of the cookies, i think i just want an ice cream sandwich right now.  ahhh!!  i’m going crazy!!

what’s your favorite cookie?


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July 6, 2011 at 4:33 pm

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