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as a sound engineer, i’ve had the privilege of helping out with many weddings.  lately however, i’ve been more involved with weddings of people i don’t know.  it’s a weird feeling to be a part of such a big event when it means almost nothing to you.

don’t get me wrong, all weddings are important.  it’s just when it’s not your wedding or your friend’s wedding, or when you pretty much don’t know anyone at the wedding that the wedding loses its significance.  this can be a good and bad thing.  the good is that you don’t feel as stressed to “perform” as well.  i mean, if a stranger gets mad at you for setting up the sound equipment behind schedule, it’s not as big a deal as when you’re late setting up sound equipment for your friend’s wedding.  the bad is that it’s easier not to care if you’re behind schedule.

i have to keep telling myself that this is one of the biggest days of the couple’s lives even if it’s just another day for me and i need to do my best.

it’s amazing how one day can mean the world for one person, and yet mean nothing to someone else.  it’s like when it’s your birthday and you expect the whole world to stop and recognize the day as a national holiday but instead your professor assigns a midterm.  huge day for you, not so much for your professor.


Written by enoch

July 22, 2011 at 3:11 pm

Posted in from my mind

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