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haircut = stranger

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man, i feel bad for this kid posting his picture like this but i needed a good bad haircut pic.

it’s funny how a haircut can make someone look like a different person. i have a friend who had kinda long hair. he was cool. that’s right. was. as soon as he got his haircut. boom! looks like a dufus. ok, maybe not a dufus, but he looks like someone you would pick on. pre-haircut, he was a cool-looking dude. you wanna hang with him. post-haircut, i wanna punch him in the face and take his lunch money. nothing changed about who he is. same guy. but my perception of him instantly changed.

and it’s not just him. i think this way about all my friends (mostly guys) who get haircuts. for some reason, i can’t see them or treat them the same way as i did before they got their haircuts. does this mean i’m shallow? does appearance mean that much to me that any alteration of it affects my opinion and reaction towards you? btw, women, it usually doesn’t affect you as much UNLESS you get a fantastically great looking haircut, or a horrifically bad one. i might have to treat you different accordingly.

the funny thing is, i’ll act the same way as i usually do after i get a haircut as before UNTIL i see myself in the mirror and then i start acting all different. like i’m saying, “dude, you’re not supposed to act like that looking like that. you’re cool hair is gone, you gotta act like a dufus now.”

anyone else go through this?


Written by enoch

April 16, 2012 at 4:45 pm

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