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people who know me know that i have my own style. not good or bad. just mine. i like to be different, but not crazy. i want to stick out, but not turn heads. you know? lately, however, i find myself becoming more… hipster. v-necks and skinny jeans make up most of my daily wear. maybe it’s because of my weight loss. maybe i’ve always wanted to be a hipster, but it wasn’t until i lost weight that i could actually wear hipster clothing.

one thing i’ve wondered about my new style: how do guys carry around their keys and phone in their pockets in skinny jeans? i spent most of the day carrying around my phone and keys in my hands, and to be honest, i felt like a woman. i usually have to carry stuff in my hands like bags or a guitar and holding my keys and phone made it quite difficult. if any of my readers have any insight into this that does not require me to buy a man bag, that would be helpful.

i never thought i would follow a particular “fashion”. i just wore whatever. now i’ve fallen prey to a trend. what would you characterize your style as?


Written by enoch

May 3, 2012 at 6:29 pm

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